Welcome to my website. I am an economist
in the research department of Norges Bank.


My research focuses on applied macroeconomics and
time series 
econometrics. I am currently working on
using methods from 
machine learning and natural
language processing to answer 
questions related to
the transmission of economic shocks, how 
forms their expectations, and how we can measure 
unobserved concepts such at climate risk.


See my research profile at: 




March 2021: News media vs. FRED-MD for macroeconomic forecasting is accepted at Journal of Applied Econometrics.

January 2021: News-driven inflation expectations and information rigidities is published in Journal of Monetary Economics.

January 2021: Bankplassen blog: Sentralbankkommunikasjon gjennom media.

December 2020: VoxEU column on: How central banks reach the general public.

December 2020: New working paper titeled: Climate Risk and Commodity Currencies.

November 2020: Components of Uncertainty is accepted at International Economic Review.

October 2020:  Narrative monetary policy surprises and the media is accepted at Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.


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